Irrigate Sustainably
Irrigate Profitably
Save Water Wastages

Reap the benefits of Precision Farming, powered by AI, to maximize crop yield and minimize water wastages.
Our diligently designed solution is centered on an IoT-based field automation system with a cloud-based access, enabling ease of use from anywhere in the world.

AI Powered Water Distribution System

IoT based Soil Health Analytics

Cloud Based Farm Control

Interactive Dashboards

Irrigation Decision Support System

Problem Statement

Inefficient irrigation practices and conventional water distribution systems are resulting in significant irrigation based water wastage leading to depleting ground water resources. This challenge is directly leading to national and global water scarcity landscape.

Our Approach to Innovate

  • Precision farming using environment friendly irrigation techniques
  • Sustainable use of underground water resources
  • Intelligent water governance regime
  • Carefully controlled water distribution mechanism
  • AI based analytics for saving water with improved crop yield
  • Water-as-a-service model to enable monetization of surplus water resources

IoT based Soil Sensors

Save Costs, avoid excessive irrigation

Software Controlled Water Distribution

IoT based Farm Management System – Precision Farming

Conservation of Underground Water
Innovation for Water Level Measurement
Our proprietary solution is designed for the agriculture sector with special focus to address the inefficiencies in the irrigation methodologies. Once adopted, results in significant reduction of water wastages while improving crop yield with just-enough irrigation.

Decision Support System
We will be deploying water level measuring sensors integrated with solar-powered pump to monitor and report underground water levels
Smart Water Distribution And Usage​
IoT based Soil Sensors for Water Distribution​
We will be deploying Soil Sensors powered by IoT to study & report dampness & moisture throughout the different parts of the farm – informing the central monitoring system to distribute water in required areas.

Intelligence Driven Water Saving
Our technology unlocks the real economic value by computing a chain of actions that are optimal for farming conditions, and then activating the plan autonomously under software control. It serves to reduce water wastage while boosting crop yield.
Monetizing Surplus Water & Energy, Reducing Carbon Footprint
Economics of Our Innovation​
While we design our system to optimize water utility, we have also catered for enabling adjacent farms that can benefit from surplus water. Our sensors can be spread out to adjacent farms for smart distribution of water. Remote Water meters will be used to measure the surplus water redirected, paving way for intelligence driven Water-As-A-Service Model.

Environmental Impact of Our Innovation
The most important feature of our innovation is to enable farmers with climate-resilient livelihood options, especially for small-scale, marginal farmers.

How it works

System Insights

  • Underground Water Level Monitoring
  • Soil Sensors Data Monitoring
  • Intelligent Water Distribution
  • Control Function, Power On/Off
  • Fault Alarms, Historical Pattern Recognition
  • Surplus Water Monetization
  • User-Defined Performance Views
  • Surplus Energy Monetization
  • Water-as-a-Service Model Management
  • Solar Pump Performance Evaluation
  • Crop Yield Data Monitoring
  • Decision Support System
  • Integration for Different Irrigation Practices

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